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Adult Classes
If you’re looking for a way to stay cool while staying fit during the summer, come try one of our adult classes!  Water exercise promotes benefits such as: 

    1. Increased muscular strength & flexibility
    2. Increased cardiovascular endurance
    3. Increased muscular balance


    1. Releases stress & tension
    2. Renews energy
    3. Contributes to a feeling of well being


    1. Have fun with others
    2. Enjoyable, even while working hard

Class options include:

Aerobic Waves

This shallow water class provides a great cardiovascular workout, increased flexibility and enhanced strength with decreased joint impact.

Aqua Zumba

Aqua Zumba incorporates Zumba’s high-intensity dance movements with the gentle support of the water.  Classes are held in the Lazy River, Lap Pool or Catch Pool depending on the program schedule.

HIT the Water

Enjoy a high intensity cross-training workout?  This non-impact workout will take you to the depth of fitness training in the deep end of the pool.  The focus will be on cardiovascular and strength training using a variety of equipment and movements.  Basic swimming skills are necessary to participate.

River Running

Run against with current of the Lazy River to get an amazing workout.

Tabata Current

This class is a new twist ot the river workouts with the Tabata format of 20 seconds high intensity work and 10 seconds recovery.