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Swim Buddies Level 1-3
The American Red Cross Learn to Swim Program Level 1, 2, and 3 will be used to instruct children in groups of two or three. Children benefit from the individual attention of these lessons taught by certified instructors. Swim Buddies is a 30 minute lesson to allow the children to focus on the skills in a valuable amount of time! This course is for children 3 to 7 year old. Space is limited so please sign up early! Parents should sign their child up for this class in person at the DRC. A birth certificate is required to establish age. More information.

7/4 is a skip date with a 7/7 make-up date.

Day        Date              Time                        Fee     

M-Th       6/5-6/15         9:30a-10:00a            $48           

M-Th       6/5-6/15         10:15a-10:45a          $48     

M-Th       6/5-6/15         6:15p - 6:45p           $48      

M-Th       6/19-6/29       9:30a-10:00a            $48   

M-Th       6/19-6/29       10:15a-10:45a          $48     

M-Th       6/19-6/29       6:15p - 6:45p            $48    

M-Th       7/3-7/13        9:30a-10:00a             $48           

M-Th       7/3-7/13        10:15a-10:45a           $48           

M-Th       7/3-7/13        6:30p - 7:00p             $48          


M-Th       7/17-7/27      9:30a-10:00a              $48        

M-Th       7/17-7/27      10:15a-10:45a            $48        

M-Th       7/17-7/27      6:30p - 7:00p              $48