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Youth Fitness
Promoting Health Awareness

With the rising rates of childhood obesity, our youth fitness instructors address children in a way that will meet their specific needs-considering their growing bodies and shorter attention spans. Our nationally certified personal trainers teach our youth fitness programs.  We offer year around programs to suit all fitness levels and interests.  The youth fitness classes are upbeat and fun. The classes offer a fantastic experience to children and promotes health awareness.

Review our current after youth fitness programs.


Kid Fit will use the outdoor circuit equipment at the DRC to challenge your kids while having fun.  It will be so much fun you won't even know that you are exercising!  Ages 6-10

Day      Date           Time                Location    Fee   

S          6/10-7/29    11:30a-12:15p   DRC         $16   


You won't want to miss this yoga class designed just for your age.  You will practice yoga with a theme of nature and animals.  This is only offered in the summer so sign up early. Takes place at the DRC.

Day     Date           Time                Grades     Fee    

T         6/6-7/25      11:00a-11:45a   K-5th        $28    


Yoga designed for your age.  This class will take you through a series of poses that will make you strong and flexibility. Takes place at the DRC.

Day      Date              Time                Grades      Fee    

Th        6/8-7/27         11:00a-11:45a    6th-8th      $28    


Take your swimming to the next level with dryland conditioning.  Use this class to get a head start for your swim season or just focus on improving your core strength and flexibility for competition.  We will focus on shoulder strength and flexibility, core strength, hip flexibility with a full body stretching.  Takes place at the DRC.

Day      Date           Time               Ages       Fee   

M         6/5-7/24       6:00p-6:45p     10-16      $16  


What about a little boot camp to get your summer off right.  It will work on strength and flexibility with amazing core work.  Don't miss this chance to get in shape this summer.  Ages 10-16.

Day      Date          Time                Location     Fee 

S          6/10-7/29    9:30a-10:15a    DRC         $16  


Youth Stretch creates an environment to learn exercises that will help you move and feel better.  Strength and movement are the key to a healthy lifestyle, and this is the summer to start.  Ages 10-16.

Day     Date           Time                 Location    Fee 

S         6/10-7/29    10:30a-11:15a    DRC         $16 


Speed, Power, Agility, and Plyometrics to improve your athletic ability.  This class will take you from our outdoor circuit system to the high school track.  Each workout will be different to increase muscle confusion and promote overall endurance and strength.  Take action now to become the athlete you want to be!  The class is taught by our certified personal trainer and will meet at the front lobby.  The class will be going outside at times.  Takes place at the DRC. 

Day       Date         Time              Ages       Fee      

T           6/6-7/25    8:00a-9:00a    10-16       $16      

T           6/6-7/25    9:00a-10:00a   16-18      $16