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Adult Arts
Carved SignsAdult Art Class Offerings
The ARTspot offers art classes in ceramics, glass fusing and wood carving for all skill levels.

Try something for the first time or reignite your creative spark, the ARTspot is the place for you. Whether it is for fun or to discover a new manner of self-expression, art has a value that will last a lifetime.

For further details on class summaries, schedules and registration please view the online registration site.



Special thanks to our talented instructor who donates his time and talent.  Projects are available to buy from the instructor.  This is a fun, relaxing way to spend a couple of hours each Thursday night.  Children ages 10-15 must be accompanied by an adult.  Please register before to attending.  Ages 16 and up.

Day     Date         Time              Fee           Location   

Th       6/8-7/27     7:00p-9:00p    FREE       DHS        


The fundamentals of wheel thrown pottery to more advanced forms will be taught depending on student interest and individual experience level.  Or you could choose to stay off the wheel to create using hand-building techniques.  Using soft and stiff slabs of clay, as well as other hand building techniques, students will learn to make boxes and other lidded forms.  Whichever style you choose, special attention is given to surface decoration.  25 pounds of clay, glazes and kiln firing provided.  Ages 16 and up.

Day        Date         Time                 Fee           Location  

M           6/5-7/24     6:00p-8:00p       $58           DHS        

Th          6/8-7/27     6:00p-8:00p       $58           DHS    


Create a 4”x 4” glass candy bowl in one short class!

Day    Date       Time              Fee         Location  

T        6/27        6:00p-8:00p    $18         DHS                          


Learn the exciting art of fusing and molding glass to virtually any shape or form.  Create a one of a kind artwork that your family will cherish for generations.  Ages 16 and up.

Day    Date          Time                 Fee       Location  

M       6/5-6/26      6:30p-7:30p      $36        OAC       

M       7/3-7/24      6:30p-7:30p      $36        OAC       



You will find that palette knife painting allows a more expressive quality to your painting, and the colors are vibrant and fresh.  It is a wonderful and fun way to paint just about anything!  Bring your favorite simple landscape photos to start, and get ready for a good time!  Ages 16 and up.

Day    Date          Time              Fee        Location  

T        6/6-7/25     1:00p-2:30p    $48        DHS        



Enjoy a relaxing night of painting and visiting with friends.  In this one night class you will create your very own masterpiece and have a great time with friends. All supplies included.  Space is limited, enroll early to reserve your spot.  Drop ins welcome.  Ages 16 and up.  Park Grounds Coffeehouse is located at 401 E. Madison Ave.

Day    Date   Time                Fee    Location             

F        6/16    6:00p-8:00p      $25    Park Grounds     

S        7/15   5:00p-7:00p       $25    Park Grounds     


You will design and create a stepping stone using stained glass and tile.  Choose a design or create your own.  These concrete stepping stones are a great addition to any garden or landscape design.  Ages 16 and up.

Day   Date         Time              Fee        Location     

T       6/6-7/11     6:30p-7:30p    $40        OAC                


It is time again to spruce up your garden with a handmade mosaic bench.  Choose from a variety of patterns or design your own with any pattern you create.  The first class will be to pattern prep and order glass.  Participants may check-out tools if home work is desired.  Supplied for class are glass pliers, concrete, molds, and accessories.  Ages 16 and up.

Day     Date         Time                Fee         Location   

T         6/6-7/11     6:30p-8:00p      $75         OAC        


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