Adult Aquatics

Adult aquatics classes consist of water fitness such as aqua zumba, aerobic waves, and HIIT in the water. Classes are on a first come, first serve basis. Classes are included with your DRC membership. Anyone can purchase a day pass to swim or take a water fitness class.

Lap swimming is open all day. Three lanes are kept open for lap swimmers during the day. Swim teams do use the lanes in the early mornings and late afternoons but one lane is kept open for members during these times.

Our aquatics department also teaches American Red Cross lifeguarding and water safety courses for those 15 and older. 

Fitness classes are altered slightly every month. Check out our Aquatic Fitness Class Schedule and find a few classes that fit you!


This shallow water class provides a great cardiovascular workout, increased flexibility, and enhanced strength without stress on your joints. Browse Aerobic Waves classes to find the correct day and time right for you.


Challenge your body while working out in the low-impact benefits of the water. This course will utilize challenge methods. Tabata and Pyramids; in conjunction with aquatic equipment to burn calories, increase your cardio endurance, strengthen muscles, improve flexibility and overall balance. Form a partnership between you, the water and the instructor to find your own baseline and learn how to build to your personal best.


A water workout experience that is fun, quick, and total body. It utilizes variable-intensity interval training to combine mind/body (strength & core), agility and strength, and high-intensity intervals for three different fitness levels.


Get your day going right!  Aqua Zumba incorporates all the fun of Zumba high intensity dance movements and Latin music with the gentle support of the water. 


Enjoy a high intensity cross-training , deep water challenge. This non-impact workout will take you to the depth of fitness training. The focus will be cardiovascular and strength training using various equipment and movements. Basic deep water skills necessary. 


A variety of equipment and tempos will be used to increase the weight of your arms and legs as they move through the water.  Add in the cooling and increased circulation benefits of the water workout and you will find one of the best strength training workouts available. 


Tabata is an interval workout that will challenge you! This intense class utilizes the Tabata Fitness Protocol of 20 seconds work followed by 10 seconds rest and repeated 8 times. The water will give you that increased intensity while protecting your joints and keeping your body cooler than it would on land.


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