How do I schedule a tour of The Gallery, The Cove or other facilities at The Hubbard Arts Center?

Tours are given by appointment only. To schedule an appointment to see the spaces at The Hubbard Arts Center please contact Caryn Hendry at If you have scheduled a tour and are not able to make it for whatever reason, please contact Caryn to cancel your scheduled time.  This allows that appointment time to be opened up for another person.  Drop-in tours are not available due to DRC programming that may be in progress.  

 Are kitchen facilities available?

A catering kitchen is available for an additional fee that can be added to any Gallery rental. The Kitchen is equipped with a large island, 8 tables with stools, a rolling cart, a commercial ice machine, a refrigerator, freezer and oven and range available for warming purposes only.  

 Is there staff on site at the facility during rentals?

A staff supervisor will be on site at all times during rentals.

 Will a staff member be there to accept my deliveries?

No. If you have deliveries that need to be made for your event, please arrange with the vendor to make deliveries during your rental hours.

Is there audiovisual equipment available?

The Gallery is equipped with AV equipment including laser projector and a 14’diagnal screen.  The sound system includes a hand held wireless mic, lapel mic and headset.  Axillary hookups to projector are provided.  

The Innovation Room has an 83” TV on rolling cart available for presentations.

What is the fee payment schedule?

Full rental fees plus deposit are due at the time you sign the contract and secure date for rental.

What if I need to cancel my event?

Once a contract is signed and payment is made, if your event is cancelled 30 days or more in advance, you will forfeit 25% of the rental fee. If your event is cancelled less than 30 days in advance, you will forfeit 100% of the rental fees. If the DRC cancels the event, a full refund of rental fees will be issued.  

Do you have rules about decorating?

Responsibility for decorating for any event lies with the renter. Decorating is to be done within the time frame of the rental and decorations are restricted to the rented space. No tape, staples, nails, tacks or other devices that can damage walls may be used in decorating. Scotch removable Command hooks or painter’s tape may be approved for use by the events management staff if arranged in advance.  If tape markings need to be placed on the floor, painter’s tape must be used. Nothing may be attached to the ceilings or light fixtures. Placement, relocation or rearrangement of equipment is not permitted.  No glitter or confetti.

What cleaning is required after my event?

Unless cleaning has been paid for as an additional service or is included in your weekend block rental, the renter is required to leave the rented space in the same condition it was upon receiving access to the building. All items the renter brings in must be removed. All trash is to be emptied in the dumpster. Tables and chairs are to be wiped down before being replaced on their respective storage racks. Hard surface floors are to be swept and spot mopped. Carpeted floors are to be vacuumed. Time to clean the space must be included in your rental times. 

Do tables and chairs come with my rental?  What sizes are the tables? What size are the chairs if I want to rent chair covers?

The chairs and tables in The Gallery are the following size:  

Round tables are black, 60 inches in diameter, and seat 6-8 people. Tablecloth sizes for round tables:  90 or 108 inches for lap length, and 120 inches for floor length. There are 24 round tables available.  

Banquet tables measure 30 inches by 72 inches. To have floor-length coverings on the black banquet tables you will need tablecloths that are 90 inches by 132 inches. There are 10 banquet tables available.

Cocktail tables are 42 inches tall and 30 inches in diameter. There are 4 available. If you want your tablecloth to drape to the floor, you will need 114”-120” rounds.  

210 black mesh folding chairs are available for use.

Chair Dimensions:

chair demensions

The chairs and tables in Innovation rooms are the following size:

18 flip-top 2'x5' tables with casters are provided

36 cushioned chairs on casters are available

Who is responsible for setting up tables and chairs?

The renter is responsible for setting up and breaking down the tables and chairs for their event.  The only rentals that include breaking down tables and chairs and clean-up are weekend block rate rentals in The Gallery. If you would like to have the tables/chairs set up for you, taken down after your event, or have the cleaning done, those services are available at an additional fee. Set up services for The Gallery are $150.  Take down service and cleaning post event is available for $200.  If you have rented multiple rooms for your event, you must pay separate set up, take down and cleaning fees.

Do you have tablecloths/linens or decorations I can use?

We do not.

Is there a stage or a dance floor available for use?

Yes.  We have a stage that includes includes 10 sections that are 4x4 each.  It can be configured it to several different sizes (i.e. 8’x24’  12’x12’).  It is 16” high and does have skirting that can be added.  To add on the stage set up/breakdown to your rental is $75.

What about catering?

Catering at The Hubbard Arts Center is open. Please note that The Kitchen when added on to The Gallery rental will only be able to be used as a catering/warming kitchen.  If you plan to bring your own food, you will need to ensure all equipment and supplies are brought with you.  

Is alcohol allowed?

Alcohol is allowed at events held in The Gallery. If you plan to serve alcohol, you will be required to sign an Alcohol Policy Form with your contract. Alcohol must stay inside the rented premises and is not allowed in the public area of the facility. Glass bottles are allowed inside The Gallery.

Do I need to hire outside security?

We do not currently require renters to hire outside security for their events.

Is smoking allowed at The Hubbard Arts Center?

Smoking is strictly prohibited inside The Hubbard Arts Center.  Smokers must stay at least 20 feet from doors into the building.

How late can my event end?

All events scheduled within the Hubbard Arts Center must end in time for the renters to be cleaned up and out of the building by midnight.  We cannot schedule rentals past midnight.


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