These hands-on cooking courses provide an authentic and educational cooking experience that is rich in both international culture and cuisine - not to mention being a lot of fun!

Bierocks 2 Ways

The flavorful beef and cabbage stuffed in a fluffy roll makes German beirocks a perfect meal.  Join us in learning how to make this, plus another fun way to enjoy the flavors.

Chinese Cooking

In this 4-week cooking class, we will show you how to make Chinese takeout favorites in less time than it would take to get them delivered.

Cuisines Around the World

This 4-week course will cover a new country’s cuisine every week.  We’ll learn how to make a variety of different dishes from fast and easy Korean stir fries to delicious British tea cookies.

Date Night - Cozy Italian Cooking

Bring your significant other and come explore Italy’s famous cuisine.  

Date Night - Jazzing Up New Orleans

Bring your significant other and get the party started with some seriously flavorful recipes in a tip of the hat to classic New Orleans cooking.  

German Favorites

German food is so much more than just sausage and meat.  German foods are delicious and easier to cook than you might think.  Come learn the basic skills needed to cook some German favorites.

Global Cuisine

Learn to make foods from around the world.  Recipes will include Asian, French, Indian, Mexican and other international dishes.

Making Sushi at Home

Making sushi at home is surprisingly simple and affordable. Join us to learn how to make restaurant quality sushi at home.

Marvelous Mexican Food

During this 4-week series you will learn to cook authentic Mexican dishes.  Classes are geared toward cooks with beginning to intermediate knowledge.  Come learn how to get the wonderful flavors associated with this cuisine.

Pop Culture Eating

Learn how to recreate food from hit movies and tv shows such as Ratatouille, Bobs Burgers, The Aristocrats, and The Office.  Oh what fun we will have!

Quick & Easy Asian Recipes

Cooking at home comes with all kinds of benefits, like knowing exactly what you’re eating, saving money, and trying new foods and cooking techniques. Quick & Easy Asian recipes beat take-out in speed, taste and budget.  

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