Cycle Fitness Classes

If you want an intense leg workout mixed with cardio, that’s easy on the joints, and helps improve your posture then cycle is right for you! Cycle classes are held at the DRC in the cycle room next to the racquetball courts. Bikes are first come, first serve.


The high intensity workout you are looking for - spend your lunch time with us and get in a quick, strong, workout.  All levels are welcome.


"Cycle with a purpose" is the focus of this fun and uplifting cycle class.  You will enjoy a challenging ride, burn calories, and leave with an intention for the day.  This is a new class that you will not want to miss.


A perfect way to start your day! This cycle class will take you through several different workouts each class. The music will give you the fun and uplifting experience to start your day.


No complicated moves, just pedaling. Sounds easy, but don’t be fooled, spinning works your quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, hips and abdominals. It’s an excellent method for losing weight, because it burns a tremendous number of calories. It also boosts cardiovascular fitness, muscle tone and endurance. Browse class times and days that fit you.