Inspirational Wellness Award

TrinaBauerInspirationWellness2018-webThe "Trina Bauer Inspirational Wellness Award" is an annual award honoring a local individual for making a positive lifestyle change while inspiring others along their journey. Named after Trina Bauer's retirement in Fall 2018, the Inspirational Wellness Award will be a community wide award.

2021 Award Winner - George HeinrichGeorge-InspWell 2020-web

The 2021 Trina Bauer Inspirational Wellness Award was given to George Heinrich.  At the age of 88, George still feels the best after a good workout at the DRC! George joined the DRC in 2003 and has been an active member ever since. George enjoys working with DRC personal trainers to learn new ways of staying active. Throughout the last few years, George has endured multiple knee, heart, and back surgeries yet still finds ways to keep going. "You don't have to be lifting 30 pound dumbbells, you can do 10 or 20 pounds. Its just a matter of doing a lot of variety of will feel a lot better, I think you think better, and have a much better life." He finds that a new pain presents new opportunities to mix things up and work more with the DRC staff.  

He is the youngest of 3 sons and grew up in Kalamazoo Michigan. He graduated from the Naval Academy in the top 3% of his class and was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Air Force. After 26 years in the Air Force with a combat tour in Vietnam, a Master's degree and PHD, George retired. Quickly after retiring from the Air Force, George joined the Boeing Military Aircraft as a senior manager of Operations, to later hold positions at Raytheon, Boeing Commercial, WSU Business School, and a technical advisor for Southwestern College Professional Center. 

George has three daughters, four granddaughters, one grandson and great grandson, and four great granddaughters. He likes staying active so he is able to join them in activities and more as they grow. 

2022 Nominations

Starting the fall of 2022, the community may nominate an individual that they find to be inspiring in their wellness journey by application. Applications will be taken in November and then will go through a review process with Bauer and DRC committee staff. The winner will be chosen and announced each January. Each winner will have their name placed on a glass plaque that is displayed in the DRC fitness center and have the opportunity to be involved in the DRC and Derby Health Collaborative initiatives throughout the year.

Please nominate your Inspirational Wellness candidate: Fill out our nomination form