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What is a Nutrition Coach?

As a DRC Nutrition Coach, we are health and fitness professionals that educate to influence healthy eating behaviors and equip clients, as well as the general population, to take responsibility for their overall health through improved nutrition. A nutrition coach works with, rather than for, the client in determining practical changes necessary to current eating patterns to improve overall health. The role of a nutrition coach is to provide guidance, advice, and support. By working together, we can discover the food and lifestyle choices that best supports you and make gradual, lifelong changes that will enable you to reach your health and nutrition goals.

What can a Nutrition Coach help me with?

DRC Nutrition Coaches specialize in holistic nutrition coaching.  

       During the course of the program, you will: 

  • Set and accomplish goals
  • Explore new foods
  • Understand and reduce cravings
  • Increase energy
  • Feel better in your body

       Your program includes: 

  • In person session with a Nutrition Coach
  • Support along the way
  • Handouts and other materials
  • Guidance and advice on overall health

How do I start?

  1. Fill out a new client form here or get one from the DRC Guest Services and register.
  2.  A Nutrition Coach will then contact you to schedule your individualized consultation.
    • Once you register for a Nutrition Coaching session, you will receive a response within 72-hours
    • Ages 12 & older
    • Paid sessions for Nutrition Coaching must be used within 365 days

Cost of Nutrition Coaching Program

Nutrition coaching is $50 an hour per session.

Meet the Nutrition Coaches

Lauren and Bill are here to help you get started on healthy eating & accomplish your goals!

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