Derby North Middle School Bus

Safety During Covid-19

With the pandemic, many safeguards will need to be followed while in DRC facilities. The DRC will require face masks when entering, exiting and traveling throughout DRC facilities and while participating in activities and programs where social distancing is not possible. The DRC will continue to monitor regulation changes and city and county mandates to ensure the safety of our participants and members while attending the facility and programs. Please continue to check for updates at and other social media platforms, as guidelines may change throughout the year.


$48 per month (auto pay)

$3 daily pass

Parents can purchase the students Bus Package at the DRC

Scholarships are not available


Leaves DRC

 AM - Tuesdays - Fridays at 7:35am; Mondays at 8:35am

Leaves DNMS

 PM - at 3:40pm; early release leaves at 11:40am

These times are 15 minutes before the building opens in the AM and 15 minutes after school releases in the PM.


Download the Parent/Child Information Packet and review with your child.  Parents and students are asked to sign the Behavior and Discipline Policy and the COVID forms, these are kept on file at the DRC.  Please email these to or deliver signed documents in person to the DRC. Packets are available in house if needed. Packets must be completed and returned before membership privileges will be allowed. 

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  • Students are required to be on the bus 5 minutes prior to the times listed above.
  • Students missing the bus will need to notify their parents for pick up.  The bus will not return for late students.
  • AM riders are required to check in at the DRC guest services before getting on the bus.  All passengers must have a Bus Package or purchase a daily ride for $3.
  • PM riders are required to check in at the DRC guest services when they arrive at the DRC.  All passengers must have a Bus Package or purchase a daily ride for $3. 
  • Students staying at the DRC before or after school are required to have a DRC membership or a day pass.

Safe Bus Riding Procedures

  • We encourage all parents to review these rules with their student and help instill in their student the importance of safe, orderly and respectful bus behavior.
  • Students should follow directions of their bus driver.
  • Students should be on the bus 5 minutes prior to departure.
  • Students will go directly to a seat when entering the bus and keep the aisles and exits clear.
  • Students will remain properly seated, back against the back of the seat, bottom against the bottom of the seat.
  • Students will not eat, drink, chew gum or bring tobacco, alcohol, drugs or any controlled substances on the bus.
  • Students will not carry animals, glass objects, nuisance items, hazardous materials, or weapons onto the bus.
  • Students may carry only objects that can be held in their laps.
  • Students will refrain from using loud voices, profanity, and/or obscene gestures, and respect the rights and safety of others.
  • Students will not extend head, arms or objects out of the bus windows.
  • Students will be totally silent at railroad crossings.
  • Students will stay seated until time to get off the bus.  The driver will signal when to get up from the bus seat if you are at your stop.  Use classroom voices until unloading (loading) process is complete.
  • Students will help keep their bus clean and in good, safe condition.

Disciplinary Action Procedures

  • First warning – student is asked to follow all safe riding procedures and corrective action is required by the student.
  • Second warning – parents are called and corrective action is required by the student.
  • Final warning – parents are called and student is suspended from the DRC and riding the bus for 30 days.
  • The Derby Recreation Commission staff has absolute authority to enforce all rules and evict any participant from the program or facility who does not behave in an appropriate manner.