Weather Policy


If you have entered the park and have been in for less than an hour and the park closes due to weather, be sure to KEEP YOUR RECEIPT, and you will be eligible for a rain check.  

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Inclement Weather Policy

Opening/Closing Criteria

  • Temperature below 74 degrees (for opening)
  • Inclement weather (heavy rain)
  • Severe weather

If there is inclement weather at the time of opening but it clears by 3:30pm, the facility will open at 5pm.  If weather persists, or the air temperature drops below 74, the facility will remain closed for the day.

Lightning/Thunder pose a serious risk of injury at our aquatic facilities.   Due to the seriousness of this issue, we ask that you follow the guidelines listed below:

 Thunderstorm Evacuation

 *If thunderstorms are forecast, keep an eye on the weather, we reserve the right to close the facility at any time.

 *Since sound travels more slowly than light, a generally safe practice is to clear all patrons from the water at the first sound of thunder.

 *The minimum standard should be to follow the Flash/Bang technique to determine the distance and speed of the storm.

 *For your safety, please either return to your vehicle or take shelter in the locker rooms or lower restrooms.

Look for these graphics with instructions on days with inclement weather. Check our Facebook page for updates as well. 

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