Rules & Regulations


While visiting the park, we ask that you follow our rules for the pools.

  1. Choose your swimwear carefully!
  2. Pool attire with rivets, zippers, metal grommets or other decorative features will damage our equipment, so please leave it at home.
  3. Cotton shirts and shorts aren’t permitted in the pools.
  4. All riders must be at least 48” tall to ride the slides on the triple structure, drop slides, high diving board and lily pads. Riders must be at least 42” tall to ride the Green slide. 
  5. No outside food or drink is allowed inside the park, but lots of concessions are available to keep you from getting hungry or thirsty!
  6. No matter how well they swim, children 7 years of age or younger must have a responsible adult in the water with them at all times. Please help us keep our kids safe!
  7. Please, no smoking, no tobacco and no alcoholic beverages.
  8. Children 5 years of age and under must be directly accompanied by an "in-water" adult.

View a complete list of Rock River Rapids Pool Rules

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