Safety Rules

Fitness Center Rules
  • Patrons must be 16 years of age to use Fitness Center. 
  • Fitness Center orientations (Wellness Hours) are recommended to new members. 
  • Appropriate workout attire is required including shirt, shoes – No open-toed shoes are allowed (please make sure shoes are clean and free of mud, sand, etc.) 
  • Wipe perspiration from machines after each use. 
  • Disrupting of interfering with the workouts of another member is not allowed.  Respect the rights of others by using courteous and appropriate behavior. 
  • Abusive and profane language is prohibited. 
  • Please use discretion on the use of perfumes and body sprays. 
  • Except for capped water bottles, eating and drinking is prohibited. 
  • Only Derby Recreation Commission staff is allowed to do personal training in the Fitness Center. 
  • No equipment is to be moved from its designated area and may not be taken out of the Fitness Center. 
  • After utilizing equipment return it to proper areas. 
  • Weight plates are not to be leaned against equipment or walls. 
  • Dumbbells and weight plates shall not be dropped on the floor for any reason. 
  • Members should seek staff assistance for all spotting needs. 
  • Ease weights into position on the machines: do not allow them to slam down. 
  • Collars are to be used at all times to secure weights on bars. 
  • Safety bars and pins are required when using the squat racks, leg sled, and smith machine.  
  • Allow other participants to “work in” or take turns. 
  • Headphones are necessary to listen to Cardio Theatre options.  Members should provide personal headphones.

 Rules may be reviewed and changed without notice.